For Immediate Release
October 30, 2012
Contact: Trav Robertson



State Party Calls for Attorney General to Investigate Corruption

Oklahoma City– Janet Barresi, Oklahoma’s Republican Superintendent of Public Instruction, has been accused of using “slush funds” or private bank accounts by State Auditor Gary Jones. Her actions continue a pattern of bad behavior and hypocrisy from elected officials and candidates from the Oklahoma Republican Party.

The Oklahoma Democratic Party is calling on Attorney General Scott Pruitt to begin an investigation of these activities and for the release of records from the Oklahoma Foundation for Innovation. The Foundation for Innovation was “purportedly” the owner of these unofficial accounts.

“Her actions add her to a growing list of Republicans that have a history of bad behavior,” said Oklahoma Democratic Party Vice-Chair, Dana Orwig.

Allegedly, the funds for these accounts were raised by intimidating vendors that worked with the State of Oklahoma and who had business contracts worth millions of dollars that could have been taken away. 

“Where is the OK GOP Chairman Matt Pinnell?” asked Chairman Wallace Collins. “He continues to remain silent about the growing number of Republican candidates and officials that are tied to questionable activities. Does his Republican Party support this pattern of bad behavior?”