Trump’s Belief That Flynn Was Right on Sanctions Fits With Pattern of Pro-Putin Policies

Washington, DC – DNC national press secretary Adrienne Watson released the following statement in response to President Trump:

“The fact that Donald Trump believes General Flynn was right to do what he did — undermining U.S. sanctions on Russia — is outrageous and part of a larger pattern of disturbing pro-Putin policies of Trump’s, including undermining NATO and refusing to personally condemn Russian aggression in Ukraine.

The DNC previously issued the below statement when Trump refused to unequivocally deny his staff was in contact with Russia during his campaign.

“Trump refused to say his staff was not in contact with the Kremlin during the campaign. His silence speaks volumes and reinforces the need for an independent, transparent investigation through a special congressional select committee, or 9/11 commission and an independent counsel out of the Department of Justice.”