Lowe Releases Statement on OU Regent Appointment

OKLAHOMA CITY – State Rep. Jason Lowe (D-OKC) released the following statement on Gov. Kevin Stitt’s nomination of Eric Stevenson to the University of Oklahoma board of regents.

“Oklahoma’s black community welcomes the addition of Eric Stevenson to OU’s board of regents,” Lowe said. “Although I think Mr. Stevenson will provide insight and experiences that are unique and needed, I am curious about the decision to nominate someone who does not reside in Oklahoma and has indicated that he has no intention to move from Ohio.

A few weeks ago, the Oklahoma Legislative Black Caucus sent Governor Stitt a list of black Oklahomans that we felt would have been excellent choices for this position. Obviously, none of those choices was selected. I want to be clear that my concern with Mr. Stevenson has nothing to do with his character or ability and everything to do with his zip code.

I am not voicing my concern in a hope that Governor Stitt will replace him but with the hope that we can end these closed-door, behind-the-scenes hiring practices. The University of Oklahoma is a great educational institution, but I believe that the university is being held back by an unwillingness to be open and honest about decisions regarding personnel.”