September 10, 2012

Contact: Tom Guild, Democratic Nominee for Congress in Oklahoma’s Fifth District

Phone: 405-921-3811 or Email:



The Guild for Congress Campaign Continues to Make Strides in Its Aggressive, Grassroots Campaign

The Guild for Congress Campaign continues to make strides in its aggressive, grassroots campaign in the area of campaign finance, voter contact, and endorsements.

The campaign has raised approximately $70,000 to date.  The vast majority of the donations have come from grassroots, middle class donors, who donate from $5-$100.  The Guild Campaign is a modest, middle class campaign, not dependent on wealthy donors, or on political action committee donations or political action committee independent expenditures.  It is a sharp contrast with the million dollar campaign of the fifth district incumbent and his large cache of PAC money and high dollar contributions.  Tom Guild supports overturning Citizen’s United that allows unlimited corporate expenditures in elections.  In the meantime, Guild supports the Disclose Act, to legally require that all donors to candidates, PACs or Super PACs be disclosed prior to election day.  His opponent, incumbent congressman James Lankford, opposes legally requiring groups that run political ads to disclose their donors  (Daily Oklahoman October 23, 2010 at page 22A).

“We have visited 11,500+ households to leave our literature, have made 3,500+ phone calls, have put up 1,000+ yard signs, and have erected three billboards on supporters’ property.  We have 80 volunteers and a dedicated core of 35 volunteers who canvass or make phone calls for our campaign weekly,” states Guild.

Guild continues, “We have been endorsed by the Brennan Society, Change Oklahoma, the Oklahoma State American Federation of Teachers, the Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Freedom, the American Federation of Government Employees, the Oklahoma AFL-CIO, and  many individuals in the fifth congressional district.”

“We are proud that we are running a middle class, grassroots financed and powered campaign for Congress.  If we are going to take back our government and break the gridlock and dysfunctional congressional paralysis, we are going to have to do it from the grassroots level and not from the top down, as has been the recent common practice, leading to unsatisfactory results for our people,” concluded Tom Guild.

Tom Guild is the Democratic Nominee for the Fifth Congressional District of Oklahoma.