2022 Candidates

The Oklahoma Democratic Party is excited to work with and highlight our current announced Democratic candidates running for office in 2022! We have several great Democrats running for local office across Oklahoma and we will be continuously updating this page through April’s official filing date. Please visit this page throughout the election cycle for more candidate information.


Joy Hofmeister

Connie Johnson

Congressional Candidates

U.S. Senate & U.S. House of Representatives

U.S. Senate – Madison Horn

U.S. Senate – Jason Bollinger

U.S. Senate – Jo Glenn

U.S. House – Adam Martin CD1

U.S. House – Mary Brannon CD4

U.S. House – Abby Broyles CD5

Oklahoma Legislative Candidates

OK Senate Candidates

Jennifer Esau SD2

*Senator Mary Boren SD16 (Incumbent)

Blake Aguirre SD22

*Senator Juilia Kirt SD30 (Incumbent)

Johnny Jernigan SD32

*Senator Carrie Hicks SD40 (Incumbent)

*Senator Michael Brooks SD44 (Incumbent)

*Senator Kay Floyd SD46 (Incumbent)

*Senator George Young SD48 (Incumbent)

Rico Smith SD48

Ok House Candidates

Susan Carle Young HD23

Chris Odneal HD26

Gregory Hardin HD26

*Rep. Trish Ranson HD34 (Incumbent)

*Rep. Emily Virgin HD34 (Incumbent)

Katie Bierrman HD44

Jared Deck HD44

*Rep. Emily Virgin HD34 (Incumbent)

*Rep. Merleyn Bell HD45 (Incumbent)

*Rep. Jacob Rosecrants HD46 (Incumbent)

Kyle Meraz HD64

*Rep. Denise Brewer HD71 (Incumbent)

*Rep. Monroe Nichols HD72 (Incumbent)

*Rep. Regina Goodwin HD73 (Incumbent)

*Rep. John Waldron HD77 (Incumbent)

*Rep. Meloyde Blancett HD78 (Incumbent)

*Rep. Melissa Provenzano HD79 (Incumbent)

Greg Clyde HD83

*Rep. Cyndi Munson HD85 (Incumbent)

*Rep. Collin Walke HD87 (Incumbent)

*Rep. Mauree Turner HD88 (Incumbent)

*Rep. Forrest Bennett HD92 (Incumbent)

*Rep. Mickey Dollens HD93 (Incumbent)

*Rep. Andy Fugate HD94 (Incumbent)

Teagan Malone HD95

*Rep. Jason Lowe HD97 (Incumbent)

*Rep. Ajay Pittman HD99 (Incumbent)

County Commission Candidates

*Carrie Blumert OK County D1 (Incumbent)

Anastacia Pittman OK County D1

Christine Byrd OK County D1

Cathy Cummings OK County D3

Jay Bridwell OK County D3

* Democratic Incumbent

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