HB1441 and HB1549 Back on the Agenda

As promised, HB1441 and HB1549 are back on the Public Health Committee meeting agenda. The second attempt to pass these bills to the house floor is scheduled for February 14, 2017. These are the only two anti-abortion bills in the House at this time. Please contact Members of the Public Health Committee between now and Tuesday morning. Check here for a script/email template.

House Bill 1441 would require a pregnant person to seek permission from their sexual partner to have an abortion. The committee postponed the vote on this bill during their last meeting. Let’s use this extra time to push back against this awful bill!

House Bill 1549 seeks to ban abortions based on genetic abnormalities. The committee vote on this bill tied 4 to 4 and now House leadership has brought it back for a second vote.

How you can help:

Call/email to express disappointment in their yes votes and ask them to reconsider and vote NO on HB1549 and also on HB1441.

Mike Ritze (R), Chair
(405) 557-7338
[email protected]

Sean Roberts (R), Vice Chair
(405) 557-7322
[email protected]

Dale Derby (R) (new)
(405) 557-7377
[email protected]

Harold Wright (R)
(405) 557-7325
[email protected]

Call/email Speaker McCall and Rep. George Young and ask them to Vote NO on HB1549 and no on HB1441.

Charles McCall (R)
(405) 557-7412
[email protected]

George Young (D)
(405) 557-7393
[email protected]

Call/email to thank the representatives who voted NO on HB1549 and ask them to vote NO on both bills on Tuesday.

Forrest Bennett (D) (new)
(405) 557-7404
[email protected]

Carol Bush (R) (new)
(405) 557-7359
[email protected]

Mark Lawson (R) (new)
(405) 557-7414
[email protected]

Marcus McEntire (R)(new)
(405) 557-7327
[email protected]