February 14, 2014
For Immediate Release
Contact: Trav Robertson
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Fallin Breaks State Ethics Laws

Oklahoma City – Gov. Mary Fallin seems to believe the people of the state of Oklahoma should fund her re-election campaign as she once again used state resources for campaign purposes according to Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair Wallace Collins.

“Gov. Fallin has used her official state ‘Gov. Mary Fallin’ account to tweet out an Ada News story regarding her re-election efforts in 2014,” Collins charged. “And what resources were used in making the call — campaign resources or the state’s resources provided by the people of Oklahoma?”

Fallin’s disregard of the ethic rules follows a pattern set by her office and other elected Republicans. Former Speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives and U.S. Senate candidate T.W. Shannon used his resignation speech in the House Chamber as a campaign speech for the Senate race. A few days later, the pastor of the day used their time to promote Shannon’s Senate bid.

“It seems the Republicans in general believe the ethics rules do not apply to them and they can conduct their campaigns in any fashion they choose.” Chairman Collins concluded, “I would challenge the Republican Party to ensure its candidates have been schooled on the ethics rules and monitor their activities to ensure these egregious violations stop.”