For Immediate Release
October 16, 2012
Contact: Trav Robertson



Pinnell’s Silence on His Candidates’ Criminal Activities is Deafening


Muskogee, OK—After releasing a website that attacks and misleads voters, Matt Pinnell should address the hypocrisy of endorsing, supporting and funding a slate of Republican candidates who have criminal histories. “ Once again, Matt Pinnell, supports a group of Republican candidates to write laws for the rest of us, but don’t feel the need to follow the law themselves. Why didn’t he create a website attacking Scott Biggs, who as a prosecutor seized guns and allowed a domestic abuser get off. Does Matt Pinnell support Scott Biggs?,” asked Oklahoma Democratic Party Chairman Wallace Collins.

In another glaring example of hypocrisy, Pinnell continues to support a candidate who has done exactly what his website criticizes Democrats for doing. Scott Biggs, HD 51 botched many cases—in one, he let a man who severely beat his girlfriend off with a slap on the wrist misdemeanor and refused to return a family’s guns.

Vice-Chair Dana Orwig, who is a deacon commented, “ The Republicans claim to be the party of family values, but they sure are terrible at supporting Republicans who are good role models for our children and grandchildren.”