Mary_Fallin[Oklahoma City, OK, February 8, 2016] If you are Mary Fallin’s friend, your job is likely safe and you may even get a pay raise. Even if you are not personally friends with her, as long as your boss or employer is in her favor, everything is probably golden for you in the immediate future. Unfortunately, it seems that Oklahoma students and teachers aren’t friends of the Governor.

Mary Fallin’s habit of putting the needs of her friends, family, and campaign contributors before the needs of millions of Oklahomans has a long history. Whether it is exempting positions and doling out salary increases during a hiring and salary freeze, allowing her daughter and friends to mooch off of taxpayer property, or giving millions in tax breaks to her biggest corporate donors, Mary Fallin clearly cares very little about the trainwreck she’s made of Oklahoma.

The words from Fallin’s State of the State Address are just that. It is unlikely to see teacher pay raises this year – despite numerous bills to address it – as Oklahoma’s budget crisis continues to grow. The amount of push-back Fallin is currently experiencing on pushing a $900 million sales tax increase to counteract her disastrous income tax cut is evidence that even her own party can’t get on the same page with her office or her goals. Mary Fallin is unwilling to make the hard decisions – like selling her plane – that would prioritize the needs of Oklahoma over her own desires and those of her cronies.

It is safe to say that in the coming months whatever you may hear from either Mary Fallin or her office are simply words with no substance or basis in reality.