August 6, 2012

Contact: Tom Guild, Democratic Nominee for Congress in Oklahoma’s Fifth District

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Tom Guild Explores Incumbent James Lankford’s Record to Date


          Tom Guild, the Democratic Nominee for Congress from Oklahoma’s Fifth Congressional District, explores Incumbent James Lankford’s record to date.

–more than two trillion has been added to the national debt (his top priority is reducing the debt) and his actions may worsen future budget deficits and debt by insisting that the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy be extended past January 1, 2013, thus adding a projected $866 billion to the national deficits and debt in the next ten years

–he voted for a law creating a super committee in Congress, requiring the sequester or automatic budget cuts of more than a trillion dollars, causing the possible loss of 16,000 jobs in Oklahoma

–the unnecessary drama by House Republicans over raising the debt ceiling, allowing the country to pay the bills Congress racked up, led to the downgrade of the U.S. credit rating for the first time in history

–he voted over and over and over…33 times to repeal the affordable care act to no avail, it is still the law of the land…too many show votes and not enough serious work getting done

–he has drawn a full $174,000 salary and gone to work  (the house has been in session in 2012) about 62% of the time available Monday through Friday starting on January 2, 2012 and this percentage will drop to approximately 50% of the available work days for ordinary Americans (after his current five-week vacation ends)

–he stated his opinion on film that sexual orientation is a choice, sparking nationwide controversy and unfavorable attention, although his view is contrary to health professionals and official statements of the AMA and APA

–he also drew nationwide negative attention by stating repeatedly that he thinks it should remain legal to fire workers simply based on their sexual orientation

–he wants to privatize, thus weaken, and likely destroy Social Security

–he voted to end Medicare and “replace” it with a voucher program by voting for the Ryan Budget in the house

–he opposes the new DHS policy allowing children of undocumented parents to stay in the country and work for two years in a program to be finalized this month

–he co-authored a personhood bill, that threatens women’s health, by making contraception illegal and threatening the future of in vitro fertilization clinics

–he wants to take away citizenship from children born in the U.S. of undocumented parents (although this violates the 14th amendment)

–he opposed the Senate version of the Violence Against Women Act, and voted for the watered down House version, leading to the failure to reauthorize the law to protect women who are the victims of domestic abuse

“It is outrageous that Congress is taking a five-week vacation while the country faces uncertainty and an economic crisis.  The House has not passed any of its appropriations bills to date, with an October 1 deadline looming.  The post office is in a crisis that was caused by Congress, and the incumbent congressman is on vacation, which reminds many of Nero fiddling while Rome was burning.  It is small wonder that Americans hold Congress in such historically low esteem that some polls have their approval rating in single digits,” states Guild.

Enough is Enough!  Replace Lankford!  Fire Congress!