How it works:
ThruText is a peer-to-peer texting platform that allows you and your campaign to send texts directly to constituents.  From there, you can have conversations, collect data, and connect with folks directly.

What it can do:
You can use ThruText for event invites, volunteer engagement, surveys, fundraising, advocacy alerts, GOTV, and anything else you can think of. ThruText advertises a 95% open rate, far higher than the average open rate of an email or letter.

All you have to do is upload a list of numbers – ThruText will verify that they are complete cell numbers. It integrates with VAN, so getting started and collecting data is easy.

The platform is simple to set up to enable volunteers to text on your campaign’s behalf. It doesn’t require anyone to download an app, so you can send texts from a phone, computer, or tablet.

Texts are set up by the campaign and pre-written for senders, so you don’t have to spend the time typing out a text each time and you can be sure your volunteers are sending the right message.

You can also create surveys for your senders to record data as they’re texting, making sure you collect as much data as possible on who might be a supporter, volunteer, or donor.

What it costs:
There are no minimums and you can pay as you go or cancel at any time. There is a $100 set up fee (set by ThruText), then each text is $0.06 for campaigns who sign up through the Party.

How to get started:
Email or call Ryan at [email protected] or (918) 810-4547 with any questions or to request a demo.
To sign up, visit Please note that signing up through this link is an agreement to pay the $100 set up fee charged by ThruText. Do not fill out this form unless you are ready to commit to this fee.

ThruText is most effective when paired with VAN access. While you can load your own list of phone numbers into ThruText, connecting the two with the built-in integration is far less of a hassle. We recommend signing up for VAN access if you haven’t already. You can do so here:

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