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Latest campaign stop, Indiana…

“He doesn’t live in the district, and he doesn’t campaign in the district…”


Oklahoma City – Steve Russell, Republican candidate for Oklahoma’s fifth congressional district, dodged another debate. Earlier this week Mr. Russell’s campaign CONFIRMED his attendance at a debate in Shawnee, Oklahoma, at the Living Love Christian Center. Yet, when it came time to start the forum. Steve Russell was missing…, this coming on the heels of missing a Chamber sponsored debate in Del City.

Instead of showing up like he said he would, in a post to his Facebook page Russell says “Will be speaking and signing books in Fort Wayne, Indiana.”


“If someone making $38,000 didn’t show up for an interview…they wouldn’t get the job. Russell missed 770 votes while serving one term as a State Senator–and the taxpayers paid for it. This guy is out of touch with folks who struggle to make a living,” stated, Wallace Collins, Oklahoma Democratic Party (ODP) Chair. “My goodness, he simply cares more about money and special interests than the people of Oklahoma.”

Steve Russell must answer to Oklahomans for his absent and aloof leadership. He has continued to put his own self-interests before the people of Oklahoma. It’s clear that if elected, Russell, as he did in the state legislature, will simply not show up for work in Washington.