[Oklahoma City, OK, November 2, 2016] Statement by The Oklahoma Democratic Party on John Bennett’s remarks about Secretary Clinton: The Oklahoma Democratic Party takes all types of threats made against any political official seriously. John Bennett’s “2 words. .. firing squad” response to an old, outdated-11-months-old article that contradicts the two-yearlong Republican led investigation and conclusion clearing Secretary Clinton of any wrongdoing on the 2012 Benghazi attack, is another cowardly act from one of our state leaders. The committee released an 800-page report detailing their findings, which supported that troops would not have arrived in time and that Secretary Clinton and the State Department were not found at fault.

Representative Bennett is politicizing the death of four honorable Americans. He continues to incite hate, anger, and terrorist rhetoric to try and advance his own political campaign without any regard for the consequences of his actions and behaviors. Only last week, on two separate occasions, Bennett spewed dangerous hostile remarks against two well respected humanitarians working with the Muslim community, calling them terrorists and provoking hate and violence. When encouraged by his own constituents in support of his comments, he doubles down on his irrational ramblings. Oklahomans deserve to have a Representative that is focused on bringing truth to our citizens above his own personal, hate-filled agenda and instead focus his attention on serious issues plaguing our state. We need to make our voices heard this November and send a clear message to Republicans that Oklahomans will no longer tolerate Bennett’s fear-mongering hate, by ousting Representative Bennett from his seat.