[Oklahoma City, OK, June 13, 2016] In response to the terrorist attack this weekend at an Orlando gay nightclub, Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair, Mark Hammons, released the following statement:

“We offer our deepest sympathy to the victims of the Orlando massacre and their families and friends. We grieve with members of the LGBT community, not only in Orlando, but across the country.

“This is not a time of partisanship, rather it is a time of somber reflection. The horror committed must awaken a sense of responsibility in our citizens and leaders that hateful speech begets hateful actions. We cannot ostracize members of our society because of their sexual preference, gender identification, nationality, race, or religion but instead value all individuals as our fellow citizens worthy of love and respect. We have to work together to counter the extremist, radical ideology that perverts religion and encourages acts of terror and hatred.

“To merely condemn this crime is not enough. Today we offer comfort and support for those affected by this horrific act, and look to the coming days in which we must dedicate ourselves to addressing the root of the problem. We must reaffirm our shared commitment to the values of equality and dignity that define us as Americans. We must stand united and not allow terrorists and murderers to tear us down or divide us.

“The Oklahoma Democratic Party stands with the LGBT community with continued dedication to fight for the protection and rights of all individuals.”