Failed Republican Leadership

Oklahoma is in this budget mess due to the squandered opportunity and failed leadership by Republican-Super-Majority run legislature! When the Republicans continue to make promises they cannot keep, it’s time to make a change at the capitol.

[vc_mybloquotes type_list=”iconic-quote” custom_text=”Lawmakers had plenty of sensible options for recurring revenues that could have balanced the budget responsibly. Instead, they are doubling down on one-time money and cuts. This is the inevitable but unfortunate consequence of last week’s failed vote in the House of Representatives on HB 1054.

For those fearing the worst cuts, the new budget represents a partial reprieve. Overall funding is just $30 million, or 0.4 percent, less than the budget passed in May, according to our preliminary analysis. It avoids further cuts to Common Educations, Corrections, and several other critical agencies. In addition, it mostly fills the massive shortfalls that were facing the Medicaid agency, DHS and Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. This will hopefully allow these agencies to rescind the devastating cuts they would otherwise be forced to make starting December 1st. “]

See original OK Policy article by David Blatt – Squandered Opportunity

Remember this today when you head to the polls. Democrats have 3 candidates ready to commit to making that change and all it takes is for you to show up today and VOTE!

Get out and Vote BLUE Oklahoma: Chris VanLandingham HD76, Steven Vincent SD45 & Allison Ikley-Freeman SD37. We need to see Democrats turning out at the polls and VOTING! Learn more about your district candidates and share: