Carl Albert Dinner Keynote Speaker

Beto O’Rourke is a fourth-generation Texan, born and raised in El Paso, where he has served as a small business owner, a city council representative, and a member of Congress. He founded and currently leads Powered by People, a Texas-based organization that works to expand democracy and produce Democratic victories through voter registration and direct voter engagement. Powered by People has helped register over 250,000 unregistered Texans to vote since its inception in December 2019.

Beto is married to Amy O’Rourke, and together they are raising Ulysses, Molly, and Henry in El Paso’s historic Sunset Heights.


Convention Speaker

Ken Martin is currently Chairman of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) Party, President of the Association of State Democratic Committees, and a vice chair of the Democratic National Committee. Martin was elected unanimously to a third term as President of the Association of State Democratic Committees by State Party Chairs and Vice Chairs on January 21, 2021.

Chairman Martin is currently serving his sixth term as chairman of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL), the Minnesota branch of the Democratic Party. He has held this post since 2011—making him the longest-serving chairman in the 75-year history of the DFL. Under Ken’s leadership over the past 10 years, the DFL Party has seen unprecedented success electorally, financially, and organizationally. Martin has not lost a statewide election during his time as Chair and there has never been a 10-year period in DFL party history that has seen more electoral success up and down the ballot.

As ASDC President, Martin created a comprehensive strategy to increase our Democratic Party’s support for State Party organizations. The vision was to create a true partnership with the DNC and a real 57-State Party strategy to build durable long-lasting infrastructure, ensuring that no State Party was left behind and that we seized on all opportunities, big and small. This plan led to robust investment, significant growth, and a greater impact at the ballot box.

Martin lives in Eagan, Minnesota with his wife Jennifer O’Rourke and their two sons, Samuel and James.

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