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For Immediate Release: February 21, 2013 

Sen. Constance N. Johnson named Chair of National Black Caucus of State Legislators’ Health Committee 

OKLAHOMA CITY – Sen. Constance N. Johnson has been appointed to serve as Chair of the National Black Caucus of State Legislators’ (NBCSL) Health Committee for 2013-2014. Sen. Johnson was appointed by NBCSL President Joe Armstrong of Tennessee because of her extensive work in the area of health care at the annual conferences where she regularly introduces resolutions addressing issues important to American’s health.  Over the years, Sen. Johnson has worked with NBCSL’s Corporate Round Table members in introducing and shepherding through proposals ranging from stroke prevention to behavioral health.  The Oklahoma County democrat plans to continue her efforts in improving the country’s health care delivery systems as the health of its citizens remains a top priority at the federal as well as at the state government levels.

Sen. Johnson began her affiliation with NBCSL over 25 years ago while working as a senior legislative analyst for Health and Human Services in the Oklahoma State Senate.  She successfully established a staff section within NBCSL where she worked with the Health Committee to ensure the policies that came before the group were in the best possible form.  She has served on the NBCSL Health Committee since her election to the Senate in 2005, and worked closely with affiliated groups such as the National Medical Association

“I am pleased and honored to be selected by President Armstrong to chair a committee that is so crucial to the well-being of our constituents, especially given the President’s visionary leadership regarding improved health care access and coverage in America,” stated Johnson.  “Tremendous challenges remain in the area of health care, however, I am excited to have this opportunity to be a part of NBCSL’s program for solutions.”

Sen. Johnson will begin her term of service during the upcoming joint colloquium with the National Medical Association in March of this year.  

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