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Russell will instead campaign for radical candidates Ryan Zink in Montana and Lee Zeldin in New York.

“After missing 770 votes as a State Senator, you would think the Chamber could get him to debate….”

Oklahoma City – Steve Russell, Republican candidate for Oklahoma’s fifth congressional district, has decided to dodge the only scheduled debate between himself and Senator Al McAffrey. This week it was announced that Mr. Russell, a resident of the 4th congressional district, would be sending his press secretary, Andrew Speno, to debate for him while he campaigns for Tea Party candidate Lee Zeldin in New York.Russell (1)

“I just don’t understand. Steve Russell does not live in the fifth district and he is campaigning in Montana and New York. Is this the type of leader he will be–ABSENT?” asked Trav Robertson, Oklahoma Democratic Party (ODP) Executive Director.

In video coverage of the event in New York for Mr. Zeldin, Russell is introduced as “a new member of Congress this year.”

“My goodness, is Steve Russell exaggerating his record and service again? Does he think that he is already a congressman? ” Robertson continued, “Because that would indicate that he has a problem telling the truth. Has he forgotten he is still a candidate? How arrogant.”

Wallace Collins, former colleague and Chairman of the ODP stated, “The residents of CD 5 should be alarmed and outraged. He missed 770 votes while he was in the legislature and now he refuses to be present again. I simply don’t understand how the Chamber of Commerce can support a candidate that will not show up, economic development and jobs don’t appear on their own.”

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