Mitt Romney and the Republican’s war on women was on display last night during the 2nd Presidential Debate. During a question regarding equality for women in this country, Romney failed to understand the real issue by saying that he collected “binders full of women”. This is shocking to know that a candidate for President in the 21st century thinks of women like a recipe he can just whip up when it is convenient.


If you cannot see the video, click here.

After his campaign’s previous failure of responding “we’ll get back to you on that” in reference to whether or not women should receive equal pay for equal work.

Plus, his tirade against planned parenthood and access to birth control, which makes an economic impact in the lives of women. “Planned Parenthood? Yeah we’re going to get rid of that.”

His claim to fame is being a good businessman, but if you’re in business for 25 years and you can’t think of one qualified woman for your Governor’s cabinet–that should speak volumes to women.

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