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July 30, 2012                                                        
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Rob Wallace Honors 47th Anniversary of Medicare

Says he will fight to keep the promise of Medicare to our seniors



Muskogee, OK – Today, Rob Wallace celebrates the 47th Anniversary of Medicare.  Earlier in the campaign, Wallace called on his fellow candidates to join him in pledging to protect Medicare.  Wallace stands by his pledge to protect the guaranteed benefits for seniors who paid their whole working life into the system.


“Today marks an extraordinary anniversary in our nation’s history.  On this day in 1965 we passed one of the most defining pieces of legislation of our society:  Medicare,” stated Rob Wallace.


“Medicare is a promise we made to our seniors, and I intend to keep it.  That promise we made is under assault by some in Congress and by some candidates for Congress.  My promise to you is: I will stand with our seniors and will always vote to protect Medicare for them.”


Wallace remains one of the only candidates making Medicare a top priority in his campaign.  Others have lost the opportunity to stand up for our seniors by focusing on personal attacks and negativity.


“We need to reduce spending and get the deficit under control, but we have to do it the right way.  Cutting Medicare, while protecting millionaires is not right.  Congress must end the partisan bickering and work together so we can do the right thing,” continued Wallace.


Wallace’s career as a prosecutor has been focused on right and wrong, not right and left.  By pledging to protect Medicare, Wallace continues his reputation to do what is right.  He looks forward to working with both parties on a common sense solution that protects Medicare and our seniors while also reducing our deficit.