The Road Trip to Victory Bus Tour was a strategic initiative aimed at reaching out to parts of the state that require additional attention, particularly in rural Oklahoma. The primary goal of the tour was to register voters and engage in rural outreach, with the ultimate objective of expanding the legislative map.

The tour proved to be a rousing success, as it garnered positive responses from the communities visited. People were glad to see the tour making an effort to connect with them and address their specific needs and concerns. This initiative played a crucial role in fostering engagement and building relationships with residents in rural areas.

By focusing on these key areas and actively engaging with residents, the Road Trip to Victory Bus Tour successfully contributed towards expanding voter registration efforts and promoting civic participation. It served as an effective platform for raising awareness about important issues while also fostering a sense of community among participants.


22-Sep Tulsa
22-Sep Bartlesville
23-Sep Stillwater
23-Sep Enid
24-Sep Yukon
25-Sep Lawton
26-Sep Ardmore
26-Sep Durant
27-Sep Ada
27-Sep McAlester
28-Sep Tulsa
30-Sep OKC

The tour garnered the attention of the media and the DNC.

A special thanks to the county party chairs who assisted with the logistics at each location.

Bruce Niemi Tulsa
Naomi Andrews CD1
John Weston Bartlesville/Washington
Rae Ann Wilson CD2
Justin Worley Stillwater/Payne
Sarah Carnes CD3
Nancy Presnall Enid/Garfield
Jody Harlan Yukon/Canadian
Shykira Smith Lawton/Comanche
Kimberly Eaton CD4
Chris Ezeobele Ardmore/Carter
Charlotte Young Durant/Bryant
Laura Pounders Ada/Pontotoc
Stacy Williams McAlester/Pittsburg
Amy Warne Oklahoma
Christine Byrd CD5
Dan Williams Planning
Bruce Neimi Tulsa
Cing Nuam Tulsa
Aron York Tulsa
Regina Paff Ardmore/Carter

And a very special thank you to all our elected officials and candidates who joined us along the way!