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Angela Allmond, Communications Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party

Republicans: We Are Above the Law

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK — NOVEMBER 3, 2022 – The recent arrest of Representative Ryan Martinez of HD39 (R-Edmond) asking law enforcement if he needs to call the governor and the attorney general demonstrates a pattern of Republicans who believe they are above the law and the rules do not apply to them.

“We have seen this time after time with many elected Republican officials who believe that rules do not apply to everyone, particularly themselves,” commented Alicia Andrews, Chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party. “In 2019, after Representative Dean Davis (R-Broken Arrow) was stopped and arrested, he made the audacious claim that the city of Broken Arrow had just made an enemy and attempted to contact four political figures asking for special treatment to get his charges dropped.

“Elected leaders will continue this pattern as long as top officials demonstrate that they are above the law, circumventing our constitution and taking authoritarian actions behind closed doors. It’s a pattern we keep seeing among the Republican Party,” Andrews continued.

“It’s time for elected Republican officials to stand up against this continued mindset. The Oklahoma Democratic Party calls for Representative Martinez to resign his position and for Stitt and the Chair of the Oklahoma Republican Party, A.J. Ferate, to stand with Democrats in denouncing Martinez’s above-the-law behavior and calling for his resignation.

“This is emblematic of the complete neglect the legislature shows toward the people of Oklahoma. Rep. Martinez should resign so the people of Edmond can elect a representative who values their community,” stated Oklahoma Democratic Party Vice Chair, Eric Proctor.

“It’s time for Republicans to do the right thing and call out those of their own Party for modeling bad behavior and attempting to circumvent the law with special ‘favors.’ The rule of law applies to everyone, even elected officials,” Andrews concluded.


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