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Angela Allmond, Communications Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party

Republican Voucher Bills Contradict Will of People

OKLAHOMA CITY—MARCH 10, 2022 – Republicans would like the public to think that they are pro-education, pro-parents, and pro-children, but numbers do not lie. They also want you to believe their rhetoric and hope the public doesn’t learn the truth. But recent polling demonstrates that the people, 61%, vastly oppose defunding public education and funneling public taxpayers’ dollars into private and charter schools. Removing taxpayers’ dollars meant for public education is not a solution to improving our public schools and children’s education.

“Republicans have jumped on the ‘empowering’ parent’s bandwagon claiming public tax dollars should stay with the student, not the system. That ‘choice’ argument is flawed, and Republicans are trying to pull a fast one on the public with the outrageous claim. Polling shows that the public sees through this charade, and there is no evidence that private or charter schools offer higher quality education for students over public schools. Defunding public education only hurts the future of our children and Oklahoma,” stated Alicia Andrews, Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair.

“Now they are attempting to push another education bill that would increase inequality between schools. House Bill 3351 sounds like a progressive bill to help teachers by allowing a 100% credit for donations made up to $1000 per student. But this only benefits schools and districts where parents have the financial means to donate and who need the donations the least, while schools that need it the most will be limited on donation funds,” Andrews said.

“If Republicans stopped chasing headlines attempting to steal public education dollars from public schools and put more effort into increasing public education funding, public school teachers would have more resources for classroom materials. Parents wouldn’t need to help support teachers with donations,” continued Andrews.

“These performative bills are hurting Oklahoma education and taking away efforts of enacting real law that makes substantive differences for our public schools. We need lawmakers truly passionate about strengthening our public education, not preoccupied with national headlines and saving their careers,” Andrews concluded.


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