Representative John Waldron taught social studies at Booker T. Washington High School for twenty years. In that time, he worked with thousands of students, parents, teachers and members of the Tulsa community. He ran for office because was worried about the future of our state. Education is in crisis – as is the state budget process, the economy and public services of all kinds. We can’t keep recklessly cutting essential departments and agencies whose work benefits all Oklahomans.

With thousands of teachers leaving Oklahoma, we face an “education dust bowl.” Cuts to education means we are depriving our children of the opportunities they deserve. Cuts to funds for roads, health care and public safety make our lives more difficult every day. Things won’t get better unless we change course. As Will Rogers would say: “if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.”

An education dust bowl is upon us – but we can still fix it. What if, instead of more tax cuts for the wealthy, we invested in our children, our public infrastructure and our people? What if we built world class schools and equipped our teachers with the tools for success? What if businesses looked at Tulsa and Oklahoma as an exciting place in which to locate, because we had developed our human potential to the fullest?