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House of Representatives


February 13, 2013


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Rep. Floyd introduces suicide prevention bill


OKLAHOMA CITY– A recent study cited suicide as the second leading cause of death among school-age children in Oklahoma.

To combat this trend, Rep. Kay Floyd, D-Oklahoma City, introduced HB 1623, which would provide school-wide training for school staff and students that focuses on suicide prevention and early intervention.

“Our children face so many pressures today,” said Floyd. “This bill will help Oklahoma’s school children arm themselves against peer pressure, bullying, and other challenges that are related to suicide. My bill provides for counseling, referrals, training, medical care and other assistance for vulnerable youth in our state so that we can hopefully reverse this trend that has such an impact on our communities overall.”

Floyd’s legislation provides for large, school-wide presentations to staff, parents, and students using early intervention techniques and real examples and testimony from those who have dealt directly with student suicide and bullying.

“Adults should protect our children and give them the tools and resources necessary to be healthy and live their lives to the fullest,” said Floyd. “This training will not only help individuals, but will also increase community awareness so our schools can be one step closer to becoming the safe havens they should be for our kids.”