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For Immediate Release
February 6, 2018

Media Contact:
Angela Allmond, Communications Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party

The Real State of the State

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma Democratic Party response to the Oklahoma State of the State address: Governor Fallin once again talks a big talk in this year’s address about wanting to fix the budget and generate revenue. But we have a long way to go thanks to the past seven years of budget cuts under Republican-Super-Majority failed leadership that has rendered our state services suffocating for funds.

We wouldn’t be in the current crisis if not for the Republican majority mismanagement in all branches of our state government. Fallin stated, “Oklahoma doesn’t want to be like Washington D.C.” yet just like Washington and the Trump administration, our own ineffective Republican-run state government cannot fix the budget and work together to fund core services for their constituents.

Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair, Anna Langthorn said, “Oklahoma Democrats agree with Governor Fallin that the budget needs to be fixed and revenue needs to be raised. But we are tired of all the talk. We want action and real long-term solutions that serve Oklahomans. I hope our legislature passes a budget that works for all Oklahoma families, not special interest groups and the top 1%.”


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