[Oklahoma City, OK, November 4, 2016] Statement by The Oklahoma Democratic Party on Joy Hofmeister indictment: Recently indicted Republican School Superintendent Hofmeister has been jumping into legislative races, endorsing Republican candidates and their weak, phony education message for months.  Hofmeister’s indictment on conspiracy to commit campaign contribution violation, should tell voters that her endorsements are based on pure, partisan politics and demonstrates yet another example of never-ending in-fighting among Republicans concerning our children’s education.

Charges have also been filed against Republican political consultant Fount Holland who per his website, has represented more than 100 Oklahoma Republican officials. Donald Trump’s Oklahoma volunteer coordinator, Stephanie Milligan and officer of Alexander Companies, formed by a former lobbyist who worked with Holland, has also been listed in the indictment. Legal papers filed by Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater, state that they allegedly took part in funneling corporate money through education lobbying groups into a dark money group.  Holland has faced a previous investigation involving illegal conspiracy with political candidates.

Republican candidates, supported by Hofmeister, Holland and Milligan, are public education foes putting their own agendas first, and have refused to truly make teacher’s pay and education a top priority. This is another setback for education. Oklahomans continue to suffer at the hands of unethical and criminally negligent behavior among Republicans and those claiming to be working for our children and education.  Voters will be ready to hand out pink slips on November 8 to Republicans that have ignored a principal requirement to the success of our children’s future, and proper education funding.