For Immediate Release
February 17, 2017
Media Contact:
Angela Allmond, Communications Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party

The White House Agenda – Dismantle the EPA with Scott Pruitt’s Confirmation

OKLAHOMA CITY – Scott Pruitt’s confirmation today is another glaring example of the White House’s interest in dismantling efforts to protect our environment and our children’s future, all for big oil and gas profits.

Climate-change-denier, Pruitt, spent most of his time as Oklahoma’s Attorney General fighting the EPA with frivolous lawsuits against clean air and water concerns with the support of big oil and gas. By joining Trump’s administration, the door is wide open for Pruitt and his energy entourage to begin breaking apart EPA regulations to meet big oil interests.

The vote came to 52 yes votes and 46 Senators voting no. Two Senate Democrats, Joe Manchin III of West Virginia, and Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota broke away from their caucus to cast yes votes – votes that could have halted Pruitt’s confirmation. There were also two Senators who did not cast any vote: Democrat Joe Donnelly of Indiana and Republican John McCain of Arizona. These three Democrats would have prevented the disastrous future of the EPA if only they had done what was right, like the rest of the caucus, and even two Republicans Senators, did today.


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