Tom Perez on Arizona Trump Rally

In advance of Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Arizona, DNC Chair Tom Perez released the following statement:

“Instead of uniting the American people against hatred and bigotry, Trump is heading to Arizona to throw salt in the wounds he tore open with his response to Charlottesville. In the first seven months of his presidency, Trump has already shattered immigrant families and attacked the voting rights of Latino citizens, all while doing nothing to fix our broken immigration system. He’s embraced the same disastrous law enforcement policies championed by his close friend, Joe Arpaio. And he wants to waste billions of taxpayer dollars on a divisive wall that will weaken America’s economy without making us any safer.

“Trump’s immigration agenda is an affront to our values, a threat to our security, and a disaster for our economy. Democrats believe that diversity is our greatest strength, and we will continue working to tear down the walls that divide us. As Donald Trump promotes policies rooted in prejudice, Democrats remain committed to finding bipartisan solutions to the challenges we face as a nation.”