For Immediate Release
February 7, 2013
Contact: Wallace Collins


Republican Leadership Continues Hypocrisy 

Oklahoma City– Is it hypocrisy to gladly take federal dollars for drought relief, wildfires, tornadoes, floods, or education, but not for healthcare?

Oklahoma is willing to improve our roads and bridges with federal money, why not do the same for people’s health? Those are Oklahoma tax dollars being sent to D.C., why not bring them back to help sick and ailing Oklahomans?

In 2012 Oklahoma received approximately $6.9 Billion in federal grant dollars. Governor Fallin had also accepted an additional $54 million from the federal government to implement a health insurance exchange, until she buckled under pressure from the most extreme members of her party and sent it back.

“She was for it before she was against it!” proclaimed Oklahoma Democratic Party Chairman Wallace Collins.

During the rally to expand Medicaid at the State Capitol on Tuesday, many personal stories were shared from the speakers. State Representative Seneca Scott (D) – Tulsa, spoke about one of his constituents who had suffered from a hernia for over six years which had caused his stomach swell, but he was simply too afraid to go see a doctor because of the cost.

“It’s immoral to let people be afraid to seek help. As citizens we are guaranteed the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Chairman Collins continued, “Since the constitution does not specify a healthy life, Governor Fallin must think she does not have to cover your health.” 

Several other Republican Governors have accepted the Medicaid expansion, such as Jan Brewer in Arizona who said, “My concerns about the Affordable Care Act are well-known, but it is the law of the land. With this expansion, Arizona can leverage nearly $8 Billion in federal funds over four years, save or protect thousands of quality jobs and protect our critical rural and safety-net hospitals.”

“As people of faith we know which path is correct. How about it Governor Fallin, will you help the people who need it most?” asked Chairman Collins.