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Racist Elitist Islamophobic Socialite Has No Business Leading

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, JANUARY 27, 2022 – Racist elitist Islamophobic socialite Carol Hefner, one of four Oklahoma City mayoral candidates, continued to spew her hate and nastiness at a recent debate, claiming that she wants to eradicate Islam from the city. Hefner has a history of undignified public commentary demonstrating her bigotry and white nationalist rhetoric. Oklahoma City doesn’t need an entitled racist running the city.

“Carol Hefner’s history of ignorance and hate is cancer on society. Hefner has compared Obama to Hitler, said that ‘blacks have perpetuated and promoted slavery upon their own for generations’ and has claimed that ‘Muslims have been the scourge of the earth since 700 AD’. This is not leadership material, and we cannot sit back and permit such hatred from an unfitting person who wants to be a leader,” commented Scott J. Hamilton, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Democratic Party

“Hefner’s nastiness is an example of being unfit, unprofessional, and a disgrace to public service. Being a leader requires common sense and the ability to embrace a diverse community, neither of which she has,” continued Hamilton.

“Our Oklahoma leaders and our communities must repudiate Hefner’s past and current racist and Islamophobic comments. Now is the time to work together to build and strengthen bonds and help fight bigotry that is weakening our society. The Oklahoma Democratic Party stands in solidarity with our Muslim community, and we strongly denounce the racist and degrading rhetoric Hefner and her supporters have been spewing for years. Oklahoma cannot progress and move forward with this type of leadership, and we must not allow this from any candidate running for office,” Hamilton concluded.


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