August 6, 2020

Media Contact:
Angela Allmond, Communications Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party

TULSA OKLAHOMA – Following are the remarks made by Alicia Andrews, Chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party at today’s Tulsa press conference:

Yesterday, while being interviewed by the Tulsa World editorial board, Senator Inhofe stated that Oklahomans do not need to know where he stands because they know where he stands.

This Oklahoman wants to know where the senator stands regarding using his duly sworn office to benefit himself. I, along with other Oklahomans would like an answer from the senator as to why he is using the office that we, the tax payers pay for to conduct personal business. I would like an answer as to why the senator severely under reports the company’s holdings in his financial disclosures?

I am asking these questions because the assumptions that can be drawn are not at all flattering to Mr. Inhofe. I am asking these questions for Oklahomans that wonder if the senator cares more about enriching himself than he cares about the Oklahomans that he was elected to serve.

It has been suggested that serving in public office for more than 50 years has taught Mr. Inhofe very well how to put himself over the greater good of Oklahoma. I am asking because we DO NOT know where he stands.

We do need him to tell us where he stands – on this issue as well as others.

So today, I, on behalf of the Oklahoma Democratic Party and frankly, all of Oklahoma, have submitted a formal request to Senator James Lankford and Senator Chris Coons of the Senate Select Committee on Ethics to initiate a formal investigation regarding misuse of taxpayer funds.

My specific questions are:

Why did Mr. Inhofe mislead the public by under-valuing his personal holding on his financial disclosure filings?

He lists two (2) real estate holdings – a condo valued at $229,319 and a house valued at $1,217,075 and two (2) airplanes. Yet he reports that company assets are values between $250,001 – $500,000. Something does not add up.

These assets are listed as belonging to The Padre Company, LLC.

Why is Senator Inhofe using the office located at 1924 S Utica #530 for both his US Senate business and his personal, for-profit business, The Padre Company, LLC?

Since the Senator was given the opportunity to tell us where he stands and chose not to, we await our answers from the Senate Select Committee on Ethics. If Mr. Inhofe thinks so little about the citizens of Oklahoma that he can purposely try to mislead us about his personal business dealings, it is frightening to consider what other ways he is enriching himself at the expense of struggling Oklahomans.

The time for answers is now, before the election in November. We fully expect the Senate Select Committee on Ethics to launch this critical investigation immediately.

Alicia Andrews, Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair


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