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Angela Allmond, Communications Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party

Plumber Mullin Embarrasses Oklahomans Again

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, January 13, 2021 – Markwayne Mullin, the person who is supposed to represent the people of Oklahoma’s Second Congressional District, continues to be an embarrassment to Oklahoma’s citizens. Alicia Andrews, Chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party, says that it’s time for Mullin to grow up and recognize that he is not above the law.

“When asked to observe security protocols, he threw a tantrum when directed to go through a metal detector to get onto the House floor. He shouted at Capitol Police officers, ‘it’s my constitutional right’ and ‘they cannot stop me.’ He’s acting like a petulant child,” said Andrews.

“School children are required to pass through metal detectors to get to their classrooms. We all must be screened before boarding a flight or entering government buildings. Somehow, Mullin has the mistaken notion that he is above the law. He has clearly spent too much time under the wings of a failed President and now believes that he has more rights than the people he has taken an oath to serve,” Andrews continued.

Mullin is on record for his support of the so-called “blue lives matter movement.”

“His total disregard for the Capitol Police—and for his fellow lawmakers—demonstrates that Mullin supports nobody but himself. It is time for him to leave Washington and go back home to his family business where he belongs,” concluded Andrews.


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