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January 24, 2023

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Pittman Earns NOBEL Women’s Spark Award As National Chaplin

OKLAHOMA CITY – The National Organization of Black Elected Legislative Women (N.O.B.E.L. Women) presented Representative Ajay Pittman (D-OK) as one of the Spark Award Honorees during the 2022 Annual Legislative Conference in Hill Maryland.

“Representative Pittman’s ability to inspire and galvanize the women toward a common goal of encouraging them to become powerful voices in their respective legislative districts,”said Rep. Juandalyn Gavin, N.O.B.E.L. President (D-AL). “This made her a worthy candidate for the Spark Award.”

NOBEL Women is a non-profit, non-partisan organization primarily composed of current and former black women legislators as well as many appointed officials. Originally established in 1985, N.O.B.E.L. Women is the country’s premier organization of Black women legislators committed to increasing and promoting the presence of Black women in government, non-profit, and corporate leadership.

Pittman was appointed as the National Chaplin for African American Women Legislators and Corporate sponsors. She accepted the call to action and serves among legislators, who have set the highest standard of service in diverse communities and communities of color.

“My role and responsibilities are to bring inspiration to the diverse religious traditions and hope through a word of prayer,” said Rep. Ajay Pittman. “In times like these, one of my goals is to help center our national leaders amidst all of the responsibilities of a legislator and as female leaders in their own communities.”

Pittman gives recognition to Oklahoma’s former State Representative Freddye D. Williams, who was one of the National visionaries and founder’s of NOBLE Women and to those women who served in House District 99 prior to her, which includes former Representatives and Senators Angela Z. Monson and Anastasia A. Pittman who also served as a board member of N.O.B.E.L. Women.

“This award is given to the outstanding woman legislator who has exemplified the values of the organization by going above and beyond traditional methods to ignite a “spark” for leadership, service, and unity,” said President Givan.

In Addition to Rep.Pittman of Oklahoma, Rep.Kamia L. Brown (Fla.), Rep. Rena Moran (Minn.), Rep. Kim Schoffield (Ga.) and Senator London Lamar (TN), were all among the women legislators being honored.