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Please sign our Petition to be DELIVERED to Governor Mary Fallin on Tuesday, February 5th at 12:00pm at this link:
And if possible attend the Rally for Medicaid Expansion for Oklahoma– on Tuesday, February 5th at 12:00pm on the north steps of the State Capitol.  Sign up to Join in Solidarity at this FB link: http://www.facebook.com/events/254719717991638/


Petition for Oklahoma to Accept Federal Funding to Expand Medicaid


Petition Statement
Whereas, many adults in Oklahoma—including persons with disabilities, the chronically ill, and the elderly—currently have inadequate, or no healthcare coverage, because they are currently ineligible for Medicaid, and
Whereas Oklahoma has the opportunity to expand its existing Medicaid program to provide healthcare for an estimated 130,000–190,000 additional individuals, by accepting this federal funding, and
Whereas expanding the state’s Medicaid program to provide healthcare for these individuals would improve their health, and the quality of their lives,and would also provide substantial economic benefits to Oklahoma, by saving the state millions of dollars in uncompensated healthcare costs, and would create thousands of new high-paying jobs in healthcare, and related fields, which would generate significant new tax revenues for the state of Oklahoma.In Consideration thereof, We, the under-signed citizens of Oklahoma, respectfully request that the Honorable Mary Fallin, Governor of the State of Oklahoma, accept these federal funds being offered in accordance with the Affordable Care Act, to expand the state’s Medicaid Program.


Thank You,
Susan McCann
Member, Coalition for Medicaid Expansion (CFME)
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