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Angela Allmond, Communications Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party

Oklahoma Republican Party Leadership Continues to Hate Oklahoma Tribes

OKLAHOMA CITY—APRIL 25, 2022 – The Oklahoma Republican Party is in disarray. Their chairman of the Party, John Bennett, is not only quitting his post in the middle of his term to run for congress, but he’s going after our tribes with horrific anti-tribal rhetoric stating that if he makes it to Washington, he will focus on de-establishing the Muscogee Nation reservation.

“Republicans across Oklahoma need to denounce Bennett’s and his party’s attack on our tribes. Any Republicans who don’t stand up against this hatred towards our Native Americans are just as responsible for allowing this rancor to represent our state and their party,” stated Alicia Andrews, Chairwoman of the Oklahoma Democratic Party.

“This is just another example of Republicans picking something else to be mad about to distract from real issues and working to solve problems everyday Oklahomans face. If it’s not schools, it’s the librarians. If it’s not equality, its’ tribal sovereignty. They have no real messaging and are just attacking for the sake of angering their voters to push them to the polls. Its’ a ploy and nothing else.

“Republicans aren’t focused on advocating for everyone’s rights, and they’re too busy making up problems to try and solve the problems real Oklahomans are facing each day. Our lawmakers and congress members have a duty to uphold Native Americans’ sovereign rights and protect treaties and court rulings. We must not be duped into believing these Republican lies that the decision of the Supreme Court twice is causing problems for Native American communities to address criminal justice. These are lies to confuse and anger voters, and are being used to further divide the people of our state.

“They must stop these attacks at once. Instead, lets’ make hope a reality and for once be on the right side of history by supporting our Native American tribal sovereignty,” concluded Andrews.


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