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Angela Allmond, Communications Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party

Oklahoma Democrats Stand with Oklahoma Tribes: Demand Governor Recognizes Treaties

December 21, 2020—Oklahoma City—Based on the most recent fight Oklahoma’s governor has picked with Tribal Nations, it seems that the meaning of Oklahoma has firmly escaped the governor’s grasp.

“Oklahoma literally means ‘red nation’ or ‘red people’s nation. It’s something we all learned in grade school,” said Alicia Andrews, Chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party. “It is a shame that the person holding our state’s highest elected office is again embarrassing Oklahomans by refusing to renegotiate hunting and fishing rights on Native land,” she continued.

“Democrats are proud to stand with our Native sisters and brothers who are claiming their sovereignty. This is just another foolhardy attempt by the governor to use tax dollars to finance his own political ambitions. Even worse, his refusal on this issue denies our state much-needed income from hunting and fishing licenses,” said Andrews.

“The dictionary defines harassment as annoying or bothering someone in a constant or repeated manner. This aptly defines what Oklahoma’s governor is doing to our proud, indigenous people,” Andrews said. “We call upon the governor to act like a leader and honor the tribal treaties,” Andrews concluded.”


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