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Angela Allmond, Communications Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party

Oklahoma Democrats Celebrate Black History Month

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, February 3, 2021 – Within days of the national holiday commemorating the birth of civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the memory of the Capitol Insurrection on the minds of all Oklahomans, the Oklahoma Democratic Party is celebrating Black History Month by contrasting the events of January 6th with the many victories gained from the non-violent civil right efforts of Black Oklahomans.

In the 1960s protestors organized with human dignity and respect for all human life. Sit-ins, kneeling, praying, singing, boycotting, peacefully marching were the choice of peaceful weapons against injustice. This did more than advance civil rights; indeed, these actions formed a blueprint for social justice-seekers today.

We all must commit to peacefully working for justice and civil rights for all citizens. The Oklahoma Democratic Party offers thanks to and deep appreciation for the activists, community organizers, and many Black leaders who fought bravely every day for justice for everyone.

Oklahoma Democrats encourage all people to join us in uniting and celebrating those who came before and contributed to the Civil Rights Movement and thanking those who continue the fight. Standing together to celebrate our core values, inclusiveness, diversity, and rights for ALL Americans will undoubtedly make Oklahoma a better place for our citizens today and for years to come.

“My daddy told me, ‘Don’t ever let that stop you. You have your ambition, and you go ahead and do what you think you’re cut out to do. Don’t let any of those things stop you,’ and I tried to live that way.” ~ Hanna Diggs Atkins, the first black woman elected to the Oklahoma House, 1968-1980


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