March 2, 2015

Oklahoma Democrats Address Muslim Day Attendees

Muslim_Day_Cropped[March 2, 2015, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK] On Friday, February 27, 2015, Oklahoma Democratic Party Chairman, Wallace Collins, and various elected Democrats addressed advocates and supporters in honor of the very first Muslim Day at the Capitol.

Attendees had the opportunity to hear from numerous panelists, including several Democratic legislators, community leaders, and advocates for religious equality in Oklahoma. “It was an honor to be asked to address this group of individuals and equip them with resources to become more involved in the democratic process of our great state,” said Collins.

Panelist Senator John Sparks, Democrat from district 16 in Norman, impressed upon attendees that “there is no substitute for personal relationships” and encouraged everyone, regardless of political, religious, or organizational affiliation to develop and continually cultivate relationships with their elected officials.

Collins echoed that sentiment by saying, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease and if you’re not getting any grease, then you’re not squeaking loud enough.” He encouraged attendees to get involved at the local level during upcoming precinct meetings and how to move through to become a delegate at the Oklahoma Democratic Party State Convention in May. “You’ve got time, you’ve got talent, you’ve got treasure, and some people have all three,” Collins said emphasizing that everyone has something to offer.

Representative George Young, Sr., of Oklahoma City’s House District 99 said, “How could we have a United States of America if we did not have all of the various, distinct, and diverse kinds of backgrounds that come together that make us who we are? Civic engagement is who we are.” Young went on to say, “It is your obligation to come [to the Capitol].”

Additional information about becoming more active in your local political processes, getting registered to vote, dates and locations for local or statewide Democratic events, or becoming a delegate to the Oklahoma Democratic Party State Convention please visit or call (405) 497-3366.