[Oklahoma City, OK, September 30, 2015] The Oklahoma Democratic Party released the following statement today in regards to the indictment and resignation of Tulsa County Sheriff Stanley Glanz:

We are reminded today of the importance of the justice system and the integral role it plays in holding our elected leaders accountable. We want to thank the members of the grand jury who endured a long and arduous few months as they reviewed mountains of evidence and considered the testimony of 32 different witnesses. We would also like to thank the grassroots organization “We The People,” whose petition efforts led to the grand jury investigation.

An institution of corruption, even to an extent not yet known to the public, has lost a few bricks in its wall today. It is now up to us – particularly the people of Tulsa County – to take action in electing a leader who will work to rebuild faith and trust in the department and will commit to serve and protect all citizens under their watch.

We wish Undersheriff Rick Weigel the best as he transitions into leading the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Department in the interim, and hope that he will be steadfast and transparent in his efforts repairing the department and its tarnished reputation.

While we take no delight in Sheriff Glanz’s indictment and resignation, the Oklahoma Democratic Party looks forward to working with Tulsa County Democratic leadership in seeking out a qualified, honest candidate to replace him as the new Tulsa County Sheriff.