[Oklahoma City, OK, October 26, 2015] Today Governor Fallin announced that government agencies should prepare to cut nonessential expenses by 10 percent. This is further proof that the Republican led legislature is incapable of governing at the most basic level. Their inability to project revenue within the margin of error allowed by the Oklahoma Constitution is a new low in Republican fiscal responsibility with continued unnecessary and painful cuts to essential public services.

This latest announcement highlights the irresponsibility of the Governor and Republicans in approving a tax cut despite knowing there would be a $600 million budget shortfall. This is further compounded by the fact that we now know next year’s budget shortfall could easily double to over $1 billion and because of that agencies will continue to receive even deeper cuts.

In Governor Fallin’s release she talks about protecting “essential services” and getting “ahead of this issue as we enter a difficult budget year.” The irony is the Governor, her department heads, and the Republican legislature failed to do exactly what she is now calling on agencies to do as a result of her deficiency.

Governor Fallin and legislative Republicans have long claimed to stand for fiscal responsibility. Today’s announcement further underscores how far their empty political rhetoric is from the truth.