For Immediate Release
September 7, 2020

Media Contact:
Angela Allmond, Communications Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party

Oklahoma Democratic Party on Labor Day

OKLAHOMA CITY – As many across Oklahoma and the United States celebrate Labor Day today, the Oklahoma Democratic Party and its staff stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters as our country faces assaults on unions and the labor force by Trump and Republicans in Congress.

Everyday workers, front-line and essential workers are the backbone of our economy. We are facing a historic moment with skyrocketing unemployment, job uncertainty, and lack of protection during a global pandemic. Working families are concerned, and rightfully scared — but organized labor is on the rise as more and more workers demand safer working conditions and better treatment.

“Job security and affordable health care is a growing appeal for a new generation facing rising student loan debt, increasing living costs, and skyrocketing unemployment. Unions remain the best pathway for better working conditions and security during these unsettling times. This new generation of workers is energized by collective bargaining and fueled by the continuous attacks on our labor forces,” stated Dave Ratcliff, Oklahoma Democratic Party Vice-Chair and Communications Workers of America Legislative/Political Director (CWA Local 6012).

As we transition into what may seem like a new norm for the foreseeable future, it is labor who will help stabilize our economy — union members who will carry the workforce into the future. We must thank the hard-working men and women for their dedication and many sacrifices despite overwhelming challenges. We must continue fighting for workers’ rights. We must commit to overturning “right to work” across this country and protect and support the voices of labor. This Labor Day, the Oklahoma Democratic Party, renews its commitment to fight for labor so that many more voices can be heard.


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