For Immediate Release
July 10, 2019

Oklahoma Democratic Party Endorses Young Democrats of America Candidate Josh Harris-Till

It is with great honor and enthusiasm that the Oklahoma Democratic Party Central Committee unanimously endorses Joshua Harris-Till in his candidacy for President of the Young Democrats of America. Joshua is the President Emeritus of the Young Democrats of Oklahoma. In that role he has traveled across the state several times over, engaging and establishing Young Democrat chapters. He and the leadership team chartered 24 new chapters last year. These chapters were instrumental in the 2017 special election cycle where we flipped 6 Republican seats! Currently, over half of the Democrats in the Oklahoma House of Representatives are Young Democrats. They have created an indispensable level of youth engagement in Oklahoma politics under Joshua’s leadership.

Joshua embodies what it means to lead from the front. He has never organized an event for YD’s that he didn’t attend and also work. Joshua truly understands that leading is much more than taking a seat at the table but additionally making room for other young people. Joshua at both Carl Albert’s dinner organized an opportunity for young people to meet and take pictures with our keynote speakers. He negotiated YD rates and sponsored seats at ticketed events, which insured that young people were in attendance. One of the truest testaments to Joshua’s character was earlier this year at a Stacy Abrams event, where Joshua had a seat on the second row and literally shared that seat with one of his Young Dems so she could enjoy and potentially meet someone she felt truly inspired by.

Not only does Joshua recognize the importance of having a seat at the table, he believes in creating seats and even sharing his seat to ensure maximum inclusion. That is true leadership, that is who Joshua is, and that is why we believe that he should be the next President of the Young Democrats of America! We urge your consideration and humbly request that you vote for him.

Alicia Andrews, Chair
On behalf of the Oklahoma Central Committee
Oklahoma Democratic Party