For Immediate Release
September 15, 2020

Media Contact:
Angela Allmond, Communications Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party

Oklahoma Democratic Party Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma Democratic Party joins Oklahomans across our state and our nation to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, recognizing the history, culture, and achievements of the Latino community.

“As Democrats, we understand that our strength is in our diversity. Now is a time to recognize where we can boost our diversity and push back against an administration determined to dismantle protections for our Latino community members,” stated Alicia Andrews, the Oklahoma Democratic Party Chairwoman.
“Over the past two decades, Oklahoma has doubled the Hispanic-American population and today is home to nearly 400,000 Hispanic-Americans. Hispanic contributions to our state include the agricultural industry, serving honorably in the military, and being vital members of Oklahoma’s labor force and economy. Over 10,000 Hispanic-owned businesses across our state enrich our state’s culture with beauty in the arts.

“As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, may we continue to work towards building a better future with more opportunities, equality, legal protection for Dreamers, and immigration reform,” concluded Andrews.
For more information about the Oklahoma Democratic Party, visit the party website at, or call party headquarters at 405-427-3366.