I have been working for the Oklahoma Democratic Party since October of 2012. I am lucky to have a job that offers me amazing health, dental, and vision insurance.

However, more than 700,000 Oklahomans live a life of chance with no insurance.

While volunteering for the Oklahoma Mission of Mercy, I get to witness first-hand the impact we can have on people’s lives who have no insurance. Dentists, hygienists, surgical assistants, and people like my mom assist over 2,000 patients with millions of dollars of care in one short weekend. Most have no insurance and have not seen a dental care provider in over a decade. The pain of living without insurance is real.

On October 1st, every Oklahoman has the chance to change that. Thanks to Obamacare, the Health Insurance Exchange will be open and those 700,000 Oklahomans will have a chance to insure themselves and their families, many for the first time.

Governor Mary Fallin and Insurance Commissioner John Doak continue to try and deny access to care for these Oklahomans. The Oklahoma Democratic Party is leading the charge to make sure they don’t get away with it.

Fundraising Thermometer

A generous donor has offered to match dollar-for-dollar every donation we raise before Oct 1st. Make your contribution a matched gift right now.

Oklahoma does its best when its people are at their best. This is why the Affordable Care Act matters and why your gift means so much.

If you can give $25 today, it will be doubled to $50.

There has never been a better time to give to the Oklahoma Democratic Party since I started working here. Your dollars have a chance to go farther than ever. Give before October 1st and the Oklahoma Democratic Party can continue the work to change these 700,000 lives.

I hope you will give.

Thank you,

Aaron Wilder
Development Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party

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