American Rescue Plan Funds Providing “Fuel for Optimism” Across the Country

This week, Americans all across the country are continuing to see the positive impacts of the American Rescue Plan as state

Governor Stitt Has Lost Focus of His Job in Favor of Currying Approval from Out-of-State Republicans

The Governor has the power to help Oklahomans and yet he chooses to carry out pranks

Legislative Black Caucus Announces New Leadership Team

Rep. Jason Lowe, D-OKC, is the new Black Caucus chair. Lowe is in his third term as a state representative

Oklahoma Democratic Party and DNC Announce Historic Agreement

At a minimum, this investment will provide $23 million to state parties as part of Democrats’ 2022 midterm strategy

Black Caucus Members Respond to Ardmore Public School Incident

I am disappointed by the decision of Ardmore Public Schools to punish students and interrupt their learning

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