DNC on U.S. Entering Economic Recession

Donald Trump’s economic record keeps getting worse. After inheriting a strong economy from President Obama, Trump has sent us off the rails.

Black Caucus Leadership Responds to Governor’s Roundtable on Race

For years, the Black Caucus collectively has created bills related to law enforcement reform only to meet disregard and rejection from leadership.

ODP Chair on Stitt’s ‘Roundtable on Race’

Oklahoma City, Okla. - Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair Alicia Andrews has released the following statement in response to the pre-recorded “roundtable on race,

DNC on Trump’s Remark on George Floyd

Trump’s claim is revolting, enraging, disrespectful

House Democrats Applaud AG for Telling Governor to Restore COVID-19 Data

I know that standing up to Governor Stitt probably puts Attorney General Hunter in a tough spot

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