Virgin: Republicans to Blame for Biden Vaccine Mandate

OKLAHOMA CITY -- House Minority Leader Emily Virgin, D-Norman, released the following statement today in response to statements made by Governor Kevin Stitt after President Biden announced a national vaccine ...

Minority Leader Issues Statement on SB658 Injunction

School districts have the right to implement policies to protect children without fear of reprisal from Oklahoma Republicans

Mullin’s Ridiculous Publicity Stunt Puts Americans at Risk

Republicans continue to think that they are above the law and their acts are exceptions to the rules

Nichols Sees FDA Approval as Milestone in Fight Against COVID 

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Rep. Monroe Nichols, D-Tulsa, released the following statement encouraging Oklahomans to get vaccinated and highlighting the significance of the FDA’s full approval of the Pfizer COVID vaccine.

Nichols Reacts to Governor’s Comments on Hulbert Schools

The greatest asset COVID has in Oklahoma is not misinformation, it’s Governor Kevin Stitt.

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