RELEASE: DNC Chair Statement on White House Rollback of Transgender Protections

WASHINGTON – DNC Interim Chair Donna Brazile released the following statement:

RELEASE: House Dems Caucus – 2 Patriotic Bills Approved by House Committees, Third Scheduled for Consideration Thursday

OKLAHOMA CITY (22 February 2017) – Patriotism is in full bloom at the State Capitol, embodied in three pieces of legislation in the House of Representatives.

RELEASE: School Vouchers Divert Public Funding and Taxpayers’ Money to Unaccountable Private Schools

OKLAHOMA CITY – House Bill 560, introduced by Senator Rob Standridge R-Norman, is no more than an avenue for Republicans to push privatizing education.

RELEASE: House Democratic Caucus – Third House Measure in Five Years Filed To Ban Smoking in Vehicles Carrying Minors

OKLAHOMA CITY (21 February 2017) – For the third time in five years legislation has been filed to statutorily forbid smoking in a vehicle in which a child is being ...

RELEASE: House Dem Caucus – Civics, Dyslexia, Unfunded Mandates, Administrative Co-Ops, Incidence/Distribution of State Taxes Debated in House

OKLAHOMA CITY (20 January 2017) – Legislation to require students to be knowledgeable about civics, to eliminate unfunded mandates on schools, and to track the incidence and distribution of state ...

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