House Panel Snubbs Veterans Center Move from Talihina

Measure to Move State Veterans Center From Talihina Snubbed by House Panel OKLAHOMA CITY (5 April 2017) – Legislation that would authorize the state’s military veterans center at Talihina to ...

RELEASE: DNC Chair Tom Perez on Gorsuch Vote Failing

It’s plain and simple: Gorsuch has not earned the votes in the Senate to join the Supreme Court.

RELEASE: Leader Inman Asks for Universal House Email Address Restriction Lift

House Minority Leader Scott Inman on Friday appealed to Speaker Charles McCall to “immediately restore public access” to an email address

RELEASE: House Dem Caucus – Education Critical to Air Force and Nation

Education is critical to the United States Air Force and to our country, the commander of the Air Force Sustainment Center at Tinker Air Force Base emphasized to state Representatives ...

RELEASE: House Dem Caucus – Environmental Protection Concerns

You don’t have to be a “flaming liberal tree-hugger” to be concerned about the funding cutbacks in state and federal environmental programs.

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